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Window & Door Glossary

We believe that educating our customers is critical to a positive experience. At Douglas Window & Door Inc. we make sure our clients are knowledgeable on the products they are purchasing so they can feel confident they made the right choice for their home. We make your next window or door purchase easy!

Our goal is to ensure you feel comfortable with your purchase decision.

Air infiltration:
A test that detects amount of air seeping through a window or door. Measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute) or LPS (Litres Per Second).

A piece of trim used to finish the window that is mounted underneath the stool against the wall.

Argon gas:
A gas used between glass panes used to increase the insulating properties of the window.

Art glass:
Decorative glass used to embellish a window.

Used between double doors to provide a better seal.

Awning window:
A hinged sash window with a swing out bottom. Can be opened in light rain.

A weight used to assist in the raising and lowering of your window.

Bay window:
Made up of usually 3 or 4 window panels with a large centre non venting window and 2 venting windows on either side. Extends outward from the wall in a 30 or 45 degree angle.

Bow window:
Similar to a bay window in that they are usually made up of 4 or more fixed sash windows extending outward at a 10 or 15 degree angle.

Casement window:
Action similar to a double door with one sash fixed and the other swinging outward.

A moulding used to trim a window and cover the edge of the window and wall.

An exterior weather resistant covering used to prevent weather damage to the window.

A window mounted high above eye level used for illumination or ventilation.

Combination unit:
A window and screen in a single unit.

Occurs when warm, moisture heavy air comes into contact with a cool surface. As the air is cooled, it can no longer hold as much water vapour. This leads to deposition of water on the cool surface.
Decorative moulding used above the window. Curtain rods may be mounted to it.

Daylight opening:
The glass area on a window.

Decorative drip cap:
Decorative trim used on the exterior of the window top to direct water away from the window.

Direct glazed:
Glass is mounted to the window frame.

Dormer window:
A window that protrudes from the roof. Typical in Cape Cod style homes.

Double pane glass:
Two panes of glass forming an air space between them.

Two vertically sliding window sashes mounted in one frame.

Egress window:
A window that acts as an emergency exit required by building code.

Government run organization to aid consumers in purchasing energy efficient products.

Escutcheon plate:
A plate that covers the door handle for decorative purposes.

Extruded aluminum:
Aluminum formed to create a specific shape.

The opening in a wall or ceiling used for windows and doors.

Fire rated door:
Required by code in certain areas to prevent the spread of fire. Typically between the home and garage.

Fixed sash window:
A fixed non-venting window.

A material formed as a barrier used to waterproof windows.

French casement window:
Two sashes that crank out with no centre for uninterrupted views.

French door:
A door comprised of glass panes separated by partitions.

An insert used to imitate individual glass panes.

The opening direction of a hinged window.

A beam used to support the weight of the wall so it doesn’t rest on the window.

Insert window:
A new window installed in the frame of an existing window.

Jamb clips:
Clips used to attach the window or door to the jamb.

The horizontal and vertical frame that contains the window sash.

The receiving portion of the lock mechanism on a window.

Laminated glass:
Glass that does not shatter when broken, similar to the windshield on your vehicle.

Laminated Veneer Lumber:
Wood created by using multiple layers of thin strips bonded together.

The handle on a window that assists in opening.

Low-E glass:
A glass with a special coating that helps to reduce heat loss.

Masonry opening:
An opening in a brick or stone wall when a new window is to be installed.

The joining of two or more windows or doors.

T or H shaped connecting unit used to join two or more windows or doors.

Multi-point lock:
A lock that engages in multiple areas activated by a single unit

Obscure glass:
A textured or patterned glass that provides privacy.

The mechanical unit that opens or closes a window. Includes the arm, gear and handle.

Identifies the moving and stationary portions of a window. O= stationary X= operating.

Pocket door:
A sliding door that retreats into a wall.

Push-out casement:
A casement window with no mechanical operator. Window is opened by manually pushing on the window.

Rough opening:
An opening in a wall where a window will be installed.

A wedge used to level a door or window.

A window where the top sash is fixed and the bottom sash slides and / or tilts.

Striker plate:
Attached to the door jamb, the striker plate receives the latch.

Tempered glass:
Safety glass that shatters into small pieces similar to a vehicle windshield.

A window mounted above another window or door.

Triple pane:
A window constructed of 3 panes of glass and two air-spaces.

A unit of measure used to determine how much heat transfer occurs in a window or door. Specifies how well your window or door is insulated.

Vapour barrier:
A material used to seal your windows and prevent moisture from entering your home.

Venting unit:
Any window that opens.

A material used to seal a window or door when closed. Usually made of a compressible foam.

Weep holes:
Holes used to allow water drainage on the outside of your window.

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