Doors are one of the most important elements of any home. No matter how large, small, old, or new your house is, one thing will always remain constant: The first thing you see and touch of any home, is a door.

At Douglas Window & Door, we understand the importance of that first impression, and what a great door means to a client that values their home. Thanks to long standing relationships with Canada's best in door manufacturing, we're proud to offer our customers doors and door systems that provide your home with warmth, style and security, all while remaining virtually maintenance free. Featuring a variety of styles, colours and decorative glass options across a wide catalogue of various door solutions, all of our doors are constructed out of the highest quality materials available, are Energy Star® certified, and are backed by both the manufacturer’s warranty and our trusted, LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

With so many unique and fully customizable options to choose from, we'll work closely with you to determine exactly what you need from a Douglas Door, within your specific design constraints, taste, and budget.

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    Preparing for your Consultation

    Experiencing the Douglas Difference begins from the moment we step through your door. As part of our dedication to our clients, we want to ensure you feel comfortable through the entire experience of purchasing new doors. Recognizing that our customers are busy too, we take great strides in making the most of our time together. It is for this reason, that we like to provide the following list of questions for you to consider in advance of your meeting with our Project Consultants. By conveying these needs to our team, we will be able to make proper recommendations to best suit your requirements, ensuring an effective, comfortable and efficient process, every time.

    Here are some considerations to discuss with all members of your home to make your door decision:

    • Which doors in your home need to be replaced?
    • Are you hoping to increase your thermal/energy efficiency?
    • Is temperature an area of concern around these doors?
    • What are the visual and design goals for your new doors?
    • Consider configuration of door/window panels, privacy, colours, hardware, etc.
    • Are you needing to reduce incoming or outgoing sound through your doors?
    • If so, from which direction do the problem noises come from?
    • What kind of security features would you like for your home?
    • Consider the types of locking mechanisms (digital, dead-bolt, etc.)

    We look forward to reviewing this information with you and helping you find the best door solution for your home!

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